The When Santa Fell to Earth Game


Play the Offical When Santa Fell to Earth iPad Game now available in the App Store.

Santa has lost his sleigh and all his presents. Can you help Santa Break the world Freefall Record as he falls to earth? When Santa Fell to Earth: Freefall World Record Attempt is a fun Christmas game with the much loved characters from the feature film based on the bestselling book When Santa Fell To Earth by Cornelia Funke. Compete with your friends and family to see who can get the longest free fall time.

“A fun time waster. Potentially addictive. Great for keeping children occupied over the festive season…”

“Kept me amused for hours. Now hold the world record!!!”

“Could not put it down until my wife and I topped each others scores. Got to bed at 1am with a time of 601 so maybe time for medium difficulty… Oh, but its probably meant for the kids!!”