So how did Cornelia Funke come to write ‘When Santa Fell to Earth’?

“One night, when I still lived in Hamburg, I looked out my window and there it was: a wooden trailer van – the kind that is used by construction workers and reminds you of gypsies and circus vans. Nothing suspicious, except for the fact that there was a light behind the window. It started snowing while I looked at it and suddenly there he was, in my head and heart: Niklas Goodfellow, the last living Santa, hiding from Gerold Goblynch, the man, who stole Christmas and took over Christmas land with his giant nutcrackers. Everything I love about Christmas went into this story and Niklas is one of my favourites amongst all the characters who showed up in my writing house. I taste gingerbread when I remember writing this book. I hear the fluttering of angel wings and the cursing of Christmas gnomes, the clip clap of an invisible reindeer and the scary sound of Nutcrackers shaking Niklas’s van. Oh yes, I so loved to write this book and it makes me ridiculously happy to hear that many families read it aloud every Christmas.”