Reviews – what people are saying about the film

“Good old-fashioned family fun.” EMPIRE ***

“Fizzy, good humoured and lots of fun.  Well worth watching with your family.” CLOSE UP FILM

“I would rate this film 4* because it is an entertaining film.” Stephanie, FILMCLUB reviewer


Audience comments following the Barbican Special Preview at the Framed Film Festival.

“I really liked it because it was funny, exciting and a good film and I would recommend it.”

“‘When Santa Fell to Earth’ is very good. It’s extremely emotional and makes you feel very strongly for the characters.”

“I think it was a bit scary but nice at the end.”

“I think the film is going to be great.”

“I really liked this film, the magical theme was brilliant, I recommend this film to anyone who likes Christmas! A Masterpiece!”

“Enjoyed Santa…very zany fun!”

” (Liked it when) Santa saw the nut crackers in his cabin.” Georgina, aged 8

“‘When Santa fell to Earth’ was FANTASTIC!”

“I like it.”

“I thought ‘When Santa Fell to Earth’ was very funny, enjoyable, and the best Christmas movie ever.”

“Brilliant, funny and stunning. I highly recommend this. *****”

“I loved it!” Joe, aged 10